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About Us

Hello everyone!

Let me tell you the story of a little girl, who was the apple of her family’s eye and being the only girl child in her family. Her loving grandmother whipped up their family’s secret cleanser and oils and used only that for the little girl – all handmade and carefully curated from the best ingredients that nature had to offer!
As time went by, the little girl grew up into a feisty teen and started using chemically formulated skincare products that were popular at that time.

Fast forward to 2011, the teen has become a woman and a mother of a beautiful baby girl. Suddenly, she was skeptical of the products she used on her baby. So, she got back to her roots and researched her family’s recipe. Now, she was hooked to the science of how these ingredients came together and she enrolled herself in a course to learn more about it. She created formulations that are close to her heart and her roots and that is how Something Fresh by Susmita was built.

Something Fresh was not born overnight, it came out of vigorous research and intense development of over nine years to perfect my grandmother’s recipe and curate it for you! I have incorporated exotic oils – suitable for both dry skin and oily skin types in our facial oils. The cleansers are a treat to your skin as it deserves all the pampering it can get, made from premium, organic natural fruit powders, and healing clays. Something Fresh by Susmita is a fresh take on our traditional Indian skincare recipes, I hope it brings you much joy as much as it gave me while creating this for you.

Susmita Patel Konda